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Dying is not the end, but one step forward towards victory. Sharpen your bioengineered weapons, set your tactical abilities and enhance them with powerful mutations. If you want to earn your place on Kepler0, you will have to win the war against the Ancestors: mysterious, god-like humanoids that want to exterminate us.
Play solo, or ask your friends to join the cooperative mode. Demian, Chrys, Jun and Kromer are the ultimate DNA hunters capable of raiding the Ancestor's territory and fighting back for our survival on the planet.


Discover the intriguing home of the Ancestors. Full of alien life and dangers and always offering unique moments. Every single time you die, a clone of yourself will find out a different world. Get as far as you can, discover all the secrets behind the Ancestor's mythology and defeat the enigmatic Alpha Ancestors waiting in the north.



Álvaro is an independent filmmaker, former VFX artist and game director. He officially kicked off his career in 2010 as a 3D generalist. In 2014, Álvaro directed and produced an animated short SUMER, which swept a number of awards within the festival circuit, including an official selection at the Academy-qualifying Cleveland Film Festival. As a VFX artist, Álvaro has worked with a number of top facilities, including MPC, Dneg and ILM, where he created visual effects for a number of box office successes, such as The Jungle Book, Ready Player One, Avengers, Pacific Rim and Matrix 4, to mention a few. With the release of The Seed of

Juna pilot in 2020, Álvaro founded Mayhem Mirror Studios and won an EPIC Megagrant, to continue with the pre-production of the full-length feature film but also working as a director and game designer in CRETE.


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Many creatives have put their incredible talent to the project. This includes the systems and programming of Jay Elbourne, the art and 3D models of Anastasiia Strutynska, Ivan Lopez, Michael Michera, Roger L Salasay and Luis Galindo, the animation of Can YILMAZ, the music of Andrea Belluci, the prototype sound of Otherr and the game design consultancy of Remi Marchand. All of them have brought their industry knowledge to CRETE
While the team is not yet full-time, we believe that every contribution made now will consolidate us as a studio with a unique vision and game-changing worlds.

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